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Palm Beach County's First Float Therapy Studio

Juno Beach, Florida

Float Therapy  /  Infrared Sauna  /  VibroAcoustic Meditation Lounge 

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About Float Therapy

Float Therapy involves relaxing in an environment free of sensory input while laying weightless in a private sea of high density Epsom Salt solution, allowing ideal conditions for mental and physical rest and healing.
The solution creates a Zero Gravity Environment,
relieving back and joint related pains.
Take a PreFloat Rinse:
This is to limit any contaminants from getting into the water, body oils, lotions, deodorants, etc.
Hop In!
No not literally. Take your time stepping into the tank. We recommend sitting down in the water then laying back. Once buoyant, adjust the lighting and audio to your preference.
Dry Your Face!
Drying your face and pulling your hair back help to avoid having to touch your face while floating, although a small hand towel and fresh water spray bottle are provided in the tank.
Get Comfy:
For guests with a history of neck issues, we offer "The Float Halo," a small floaty that fits the head and offers additional support. Adjusting arm positions while in session can also help with comfort levels. Not to worry though, we will walk through each step when you come in.
Ear Plugs In!
We provide silicone ear plugs and strongly recommend using them. Some guests choose to float without earplugs, but most choose to and find them to be extremely helpful.
Get Your Float On:
Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, each float session is different in its own way. Relax, enjoy the session, focus on your breath, and enjoy whatever intention you may have set for yourself for that session.

Six Quick Steps To Enjoy Your Float

"I had such a wonderful experience here today. I feel so refreshed and relaxed after going in the tank. If your looking for amazing customer service and to float away your stress and pain this is the place. I cannot thank them enough I feel awesome!"


—  Megan R.


Our Address:

14141 US HWY 1

Juno Beach, FL 33408



We are located in the Loggerhead Plaza, directly across the street from the Loggerhead Marine Life Center. We are the second plaza north on US 1 from Donald Ross.


S: 9-9

M: Closed

T: 9-9

W: 9-9

TH: 9-9

F: 9-9

S: 9-9

We are open by appointment only. 


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