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Floats are shareable and never expire!

Float Memberships Include
Free Membership Services!

Your choice of:
  • Infrared Sauna
  • VibroAcoustic Bed
  • Private Salt Cave
  • Cold Plunge


/ Month

One 60-Minute Float per month

Includes 1 Free Member Service


/ Month

Two 60-Minute Floats per month

Includes 2 Free Member Services


/ Month

Four 60-Minute Floats per month 

Includes 4 Free Member Services

Wellness Services

Credits are shareable and never expire!


One Wellness Credit


Ten Wellness Credits

Float Sessions


60-Minute Float Session


Float Sessions

4-Pack $200

If you're looking for a transformation, membership is the way to go. When you float on a regular basis, your benefits tend to last longer and compound on themselves. We have seen amazing changes in people's mood and stress levels, while adopting an overall a sense of ease. Included in your Float Membership are Free Membership Services which reload to your account each month. These Free Services do not accumulate.

Membership Terms: shareable float and wellness credits, 3-month auto-billing commitment, 30-day cancellation policy, no hidden fees, just a lot of smiles. 
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