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60-Minute Float Session

Standard Pricing



Float Sessions



Float Sessions



Float Sessions


Floats are shareable and never expire!


/ Month

One 60-Minute Session per month

Includes 1 Free Member Service


/ Month

Two 60-Minute Sessions per month

Includes 2 Free Member Services

Float Memberships Include
Free Membership Services!
Your choice of:
Infrared Sauna
VibroAcoustic Bed


/ Month

Four 60-Minute Sessions per month 

Includes 4 Free Member Services

If you're looking for a transformation, membership is the way to go. This commits you to 3 months of Floating minimum. When you float on a regular basis, your benefits tend to last longer and compound on themselves. We have seen amazing changes in people's mood and stress levels, while adopting an overall a sense of ease. Included in your Float Membership are Free Membership Services which reload to your account each month. These Free Services do not accumulate.
Membership guarantees the discounted rate for any additional floats you choose to have each month. We also have memberships for 90-Min and 120-Min floats.
Membership Terms: sharable discounted floats, 3-month auto-billing commitment, 30-day cancellation policy, no hidden fees, just a lot of smiles. 
Perks: 10% off Retail & 20% off other services (Infrared Sauna, Migun Massage Bed, and VibroAcoustic Sound Bed) 


Floats are shareable and never expire!

2-Pack $110

4-Pack $200

8-Pack $360



  • LIMIT caffeine intake the day of floating (to the best of your ability) so you can fully relax


  • Be well hydrated prior to floating


  • Have a snack or a meal prior to your float because hunger is a powerful distraction


  • Please do not shave the day of floating to avoid being sensitive to the salt


  • Use the restroom prior to entering the tank

  • You will shower before and after in a private suite. We provide everything for the shower and float, so there is no need to bring anything to wear in the tank.

Those who cannot float:

* Women who are currently heavily menstruating.

* Those have dyed their hair within 7 days of their appointment  

* Those with temporary hair dye may not enter the float until the dye stops "bleeding".

  • Please see our Float FAQ page for more information.



Above all, please remember to come in with an open mind!